A person has 2 types of invaluable resource: time and vital energy. Everyone lives only once. Thus, our task is to spend time as wisely as possible, so that in the end we wouldn’t regret the misspent moments. The internal energy is also distributed individually: someone has loads of strength and their productivity is through the roof, and the other will not stand even a tenth of such a load. Energy drinks help us stay in sync. They help us wake up and hit the ground running. But you cannot rely only on caffeine and guarana.

How do energy drinks work to keep you working?

Energy consumption occurs even with minor body movements. Just think about it: leading a stationary lifestyle, a human being needs only 1200 kcal! You begin to get tired when the inhibition processes in the nervous system begin to dominate over arousal. Then your ability to perceive and analyze information is getting worse, and the interval between the stimulus and the reaction increases. Non-alcoholic energy drinks allow you to return the balance to working condition and activate your reserves faster. But they do not compensate for the lack of proper nutrition and rest.

• Assess your resources prudently. Use reserves only when there is a real need and refuse tasks that you cannot complete.
• Value your time. Invest it only in things which worth your attention. Say “stop” to solving other people’s problems without adequate compensation.
• Use energy drinks to “hold out until the finish line”. Afterward, be sure to have a full rest.

Learn to abstract from the emotions of people who are not in your circle of the closest ones. Empathy is an energy–consuming process, that’s why some people do not disdain to “feed up” at your expense. If such a “complainer” is trying to get emotional, offer them non–alcoholic energy drinks to cheer up and take the conversation to a safe, or better yet, productive direction.