The set and clearly formulated target represents a kind of planned model that determines our behavior, motivates us to activity and is the main engine of progress and personal growth. You have energy and a desire to achieve it. But something is in the way…. To understand how to achieve what you want, you should first deal with the circumstances that prevent you from doing it. Key factors preventing us from realizing our Targets are the following:


1. Fear of success. Many people successfully go to their Target, but at the very end they give up and turn off the path. This can all happen completely unconsciously. Any success is usually associated with responsibility and making serious decisions. Insecure people are afraid of these things.

2. Fear of failure. A person who received a lot of criticism and little praise in childhood adheres to the rule “it is better to do nothing than be condemned” in adulthood. Such people are more likely to observe the success of others than to set Targets on their own and do everything possible to achieve them.

3. The conflict of setting targets and their ambiguity. To achieve the Target, you should set 2-3 specific tasks to complete. Too many of them will lead to diverting the attention and inability to concentrate on one thing. In addition, any person may have a conflict of Targets (in this case, the conscious and unconscious may help formulate them). An example of a conflict is the common desires “I want a lot of money” and “I don’t want to work.” To spot it, it is worth making a list of your plans, identifying contradictions and eliminating them. It is crucial to set priorities correctly.

4. Comparison. Comparing yourself constantly with more successful people is one more bottleneck to achieve a Target. Thus, a person devalues his own achievements and develops an inferiority complex, which becomes a significant obstacle to achieve what he wants.

5. Loss of motivation. If at some point you notice that you are tired and you no longer have the strength to realize your Target, try to introspect. Identify what you spend most of your life energy on. It can be unsuccessful relationships, conflicts, etc. Find something that will inspire and motivate you.

If you’re aware of these factors and begin to eradicate them, then you will soon see that achieving Targets has become easier!