Most of us have seen a teenager drinking an energy drink. Children are attracted to a delicious “adult” drink that makes you more cheerful. Energy drinks do not contain alcohol, therefore teenagers perceive them as harmless. At what age do people start drinking energy drinks? Such drinks are recommended for adults, with an established nervous system and without emotional background problems. Another example: if a woman used to banish fatigue with a can of invigorating drink, what will happen if she continues to drink it when bearing a child? Are teenagers and pregnant women allowed to drink energy drinks?

Energy drink mechanisms that influence our body.

These categories have similar features: the body spends a lot of energy on restructuring and growth, which leads to rapid fatigue; due to the active hormonal background, increased excitability of the nervous system prevails. For a healthy adult, manufacturers indicate the norms for the amount of energy drink intakes per day. Exceeding the dose of active substances in the body can lead to the following undesirable effects:

• a sharp increase in the inhibition processes due to overstrain and depletion of the nervous system resources;
• hyperactivity, loss of concentration, excessive reaction to stimuli.

ВIn adolescence, the inhibition processes of the nervous system have not yet been fully formed. If the child reacts violently to events or actions of others, the energy drink can only reinforce the reaction, making it uncontrollable. Energy drinks are not recommended for children under 18, women during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for people suffering from increased nervous excitability, insomnia, and arterial hypertension.